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December 07, 2006


What a joyous day! Thank you for sharing such beautiful photos and creative ideas, Alice! :)

Gosh, what a fun day!
Annie is sitting on my lap laughing like crazy at dear little Eileen. :) What a precious picture.

Thanks for sharing the day with all of us.

That looks like so much fun!!!

Looks like a wonderful time for all - great pics. :)

Alice, thank you for sharing such wonderful ideas and beautiful pictures. (I love the take along mangers!) You are so inspiring!

You really know how to feast over there at the Cottage! Thanks for sharing the pics.
I loved the take-along mangers, and the fact that they're economical. I may try them with my CCD class.
I'll surely remember those Petit Fours next time I compile a guest list!

What a lovely, lovely day! We have a cookie decorating afternoon with a friend and her kids every Christmas holidays - which is often more fun in theory than reality, but makes for nice memories.

Incredible!! Happy Feast!

Oh alice, you wouldn't need a sleigh full of goodies from some silly bakery to get an invitation to any gathering any of us should ever host. You are, yourself, a gift beyond measure!

Alice-thank you for reminding me that gathering with friends is a wonderful way to celebrate and prepare for this season. Lovely oics of your sweet baby.

Alice, the take-along managers are just precious. The well of beautiful ideas never runs dry at the cottage! Time for a run to the craft store. These will make beautiful gifts for the kids to give family members.

How nice. Thank you for letting us share in your lovely day.

"I post this photo not so much to pass along ideas as to ensure that none of you ever have friends over without inviting me."

You had better believe you'd be invited. No sleigh basket required--just those gorgeous children!

Hugs & kisses to them all, and a special cheek pinch to the baby.

Oooh, I want to be there. When I have my next Chocolate Night for Moms, Alice, you're invited. You all are. :-)

Dittoing Margaret, but I *would* like to know what the best bakery on LI is so I can go there the next time we visit my MIL! :)

Looks like you had a great time! Thanks for sharing.

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