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December 05, 2006


Alice, once again, I must thank you from the bottom of my heart for organizing this beautiful group. The Coat of Arms is beautiful.

I thank you as well - more than I can put into words.

Dear Alice, this truly been a wonderful gesture. I've always wanted to pray the Novenas with the Church but haven't been able to organize my time to do so. And now when I check my email the first thing in the morning, the reminder is there. I feel incredibly blessed to pray for all these ladies who have inspired me so much and have blessed our household in more ways than could be imagined. Thank you, Alice.

Ummmm, did you forget me?

No, dearest Mary, you are unforgettable! (Although, as I say this, thank you for the quick mention, because it would be extremely easy to skip someone with so many on the list).

If you look at the original post, you will find that, while all the moms on the schedule at the time were mentioned, the second two thirds had not yet been assigned specific novenas. Now, I am just going down the list, and you will hopefully be in the next wave. I could have scheduled twice as many novenas for this year, it seems, but I didn't want too many overlapping novenas, because I thought it would be difficult to say all of them. I've been selecting about two or three a month on average.

Thank you for the heads up though! It helps tremendously if people let me know if they think I've made a mistake. Then I won't need to worry too much.

Thank You!


Please add me to your list. Thanks.

Thank you again so very much! I was delighted to see that I am assigned St. Anne - that's my middle name! Obviously the Holy Spirit is still helping you out with His idea!

Thank you, Alice. I'm very touched to be remembered.

Alice, thank you so much for this beautiful and meaningful ministry. The Feast of Corpus Christi is incredible for our family, may God Bless you and yours, for always!

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