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December 18, 2006


Lovely! My Advent idea folder is overflowing for next year. :)

Alice, this is amazing! (Do I type that every time I leave a comment on your blog?) The kids and I will have to do this. If not this year, definitely next. Thank you again for the inspiration.

My dear, this is perfect for squirmy little boys who are finding Jesse Tree ornaments not such a great novelity after a while. :)

Alice, I love it! And Agnes' remark is just so perfect! I personally agree with her.. ;) We had a scaled-down version of the Our Lady of Guadalupe Tea just for my kids. I think that we'll try this one too, and maybe even invite some friends! Thanks for another lovely idea!

I think this one will work especially well with my food allergic children. :) Thank you so much for another amazing tea, Alice!

I'm so glad I went back and read through more thoroughly. I spied the lovely angel cookie at the end and thought, "My goodness, she really *is* the Catholic Martha Stewart!" So relieved to see that you purchased it and didn't do all that fancy royal icing decorating yourself. ;-)

What a lovely idea. I so love your tea ideas and am so grateful you post them. I want to host one of your teas one day for my homeschool group. Maybe next year I'll try the Lenten one.

Alice -- you REALLY need to compile a book of all these great teas! I'd love to do this one, but it might have to wait till next year -- can you send me a reminder?????

Well, you've done it again my dear!! I'm so inspired, I'm loving the thought of doing this...I have a few sick littles so we'll see, God Bless during this special week of waiting!!

Alice, you are a wonder! I love this tea idea - as I love all your teas - and ideas! :)

This is a beautiful idea! I'm going to follow your lead and do this with my kids this weekend!

You’re such an inspiration for me. What a great idea! The children will love this one.

A day late and a dollar short as usual but wow! Glad I saw this! Absolutely incredible! I love your plates, I'm not so daring! :D

I cracked up at the broccoli burning bushes...I might modify it--melted cheese dip with red peppers and Tabasco flame tips.
I'm probably the only one in the house who would eat them though...! Trip suggested lighting them on fire with hot oil >8-0 . That boy!

Wonderful tea ideas, once again, Dearest.

"Mommy, you are like the Catholic Martha Stewart!"
ROFL!! That's so funny, considering...LOL!!!!

Thank you Alice, I will definitely be trying this at some point through Advent.
Happy Advent to you and your family!

I just wanted to thank you for sharing these plans! Since I am due on Christmas this year, I decided to serve this tea to my family on the first Sunday of Advent this year and we all enjoyed it so very much! I hope you have a very blessed Advent!

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