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November 28, 2006


Happy birthday to a beautiful little girl.

Happy Birthday to your darling girl!

Happy Birthday to Maire! The photo of her and the basket is lovely.

Happy Birthday to your baby girl! That was a wonderful story.

Happy birthday, Marie! She is such a lovely little girl - and what a funny story! She is such a blessing!

Happiest of Birthday Wishes, Marie!

Happy Birthday Marie! I will say a prayer for you today!

Oh Alice -- this is a wonderful post! I especially like the "useless" story! Thanks for sharing and blessings to Marie (who should be Catherine) on this day!

Simply precious!
Happy Birthday Marie!

A happy bday to your sweet girl!

May God bless Marie on her birthday and always!

Oh, happy birthday to dear Marie and many pleasant returns the whole day long. :)

Happy Birthday to sweet Marie and Happy Feast Day to sweet little Catherine! We all found that story hilarious because in our house if someone is being lazy we tell them to stop being Eustace!

What a special day for such a sweet and special little girl!! Happy Feast and Birthday sweet one!!

Happy Birthday to sweet Marie!

A very Happy Birthday to a very lovely girl! Blessings to you today and always!

Happy birthday to your beautiful girl!

Happy Birthday Marie!!! Hope you had a wonderful day, dear one.

I'm a veteran CCM'er, but I must have missed the Useless story. Love it! Happy birthday Marie :)

Happy Birthday, Marie. Funny, funny story.

What a wonderful story! Happy Birthday Marie! I would like to ask what Raggedy Ann books do you recommend? Thanks!

Happy Birthday, Marie! (And what a gorgeous photo that first one is!)

What a beautiful post! Happy birthday to Marie! I just love that last picture...it looks like it's from a magazine or something!

Happy Birthday sweetheart! You are a delight to all that know you and the Barretts wish you the happiest of days.

I am overwhelmed once again by these generous comments! Marie was so excited to see all your kind words--THANK YOU!!!

Happy Birthday to your beautiful girl! When Richard was 3, his Sunday school teacher asked him if he remembered the name of the blind man healed by Jesus(Bartimeus). He said, "No, but Blessed was the man who couldn't walk." His teacher was perplexed. He said, "You know, Blessed is the man who does not walk in the council of the wicked!" I just love the stories of how our little ones soak up what is around them!

Mary Beth

Happy belated birthday, Marie! And many more!

Dearest Marie,

Do you like St. Andrew? Because I am wishing you a most Happy Birthday *week* on his feast day! Happy 7th Birthday, Dear!

We have a "Marie" too. (We call her Maria.) She is named after our Blessed Mother and was born on the Feast of the Presentation of Mary. She just turned six and I hope the two of you can play together one day!

God bless you,

Mrs. Berns in Minnesota

Happy, happy birthday to a beautiful, beautiful girl.

What a gift!

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