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November 05, 2006


She is scrumptious!

She is such a pretty baby, Alice.

What a sweetie!

Oh Alice, Eileen is just beautiful and I love her bunny ear jacket....plus, there is such a small window of opportunity to dress babies as bunnies. :)))

She is absolutely adorable!!

Oh, Alice! How dear! I think these matching bunnies are really funny, especially in light of our big girls' Easter photos. She's a darling bunny.

You and Baby are both ridiculously cute!

Oh! That jacket is adorable! And look at the baby - she is just so beautiful!

You guys couldn't be cuter, Alice.

My youngest took one look and asked if we could buy one of those suits for our baby :-) She's even offereing me her penny collection LOL!

Just look at those big blue eyes! She is such a darling!

Oh, Alice, she is sooo cute!

She is irresistable! (And her mother is simply lovely!)

Alice, she has beautiful eyes. Nice pictures!

That is the cutest bunny I've ever seen :)

Gorgeous, Alice, both of you! She doesn't quite look like she's enjoying it though, does she? Too cute.


What a beautiful bunny baby with her lovely Mommy!

The baby IS very, very cute, granted. But look at that beautiful mommy peeping over her shoulder!

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