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November 01, 2006


Alice, these pictures fill my heart with such joy this morning!

A blessed and beautiful All Saints Day to you, my dear friend!

What a beautiful Saint Collection. We are going to our Saints Day today, what a neat idea if we could make our own altar by everyone bringing there saint statues for the gathering. Have blessed All Saints Day!

What a beautiful altar!!

A Happy Feast to you, dear Alice!

It's looks like a little glimpse into heaven!

I love the photos and I love Jenn's comment. How true! By the way, Alice, we finally used your spoon saint idea to celebrate this feast day! St. Clare and St. Francis are sitting on the windowsill right now. Thank you for sharing!

That is so wonderful!! Happy All Saints Alice and family!

I love all the costumes and how that family decorated their mantel! Thank you for posting these photos Alice. Happy Feast!

Beautiful! I was trying to see the family photo on the wall. I wanted to get a glimpse of the lovely family that has such a home altar.

What a beautiful gathering. How blessed your families are to have each other to celebrate together with. And, wow, I thought we had a lot of statues!

Gorgeous! Okay, now I know what to do with our saints statuettes to make more of an impact.

I smiled at Jenn's comment! -what a future we have hobknobbing with these wonderful people for all eternity!

Ok, I want to know who that Saint Jack-O-Lantern is on the wall? :)

Thanks for sharing the saintly fun!


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