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November 16, 2006


How wonderful! One year John and I were singing for Midnight Mass with our little Kate (almost 1 year old at the time) in tow. She beautifully slept through the entire Mass in a play'n'pack in the choir area all through Mass. What a blessing!

Alice, this is the best! When I scrolled down to Olive Oil I couldn't stop laughing.

What a wonderful dinner you must have had...so much to be thankful for.

Well done Eileen. And doesn't watching that peacefully sleeping baby make you even more thankful ;).

Alice, my dear, you are beaming and beautiful! What a lovely night for you and your husband to share. And how nice of Eileen to cooperate so sweetly. :)

There's nothing wrong with "schoolmarm chic"! Glad you had a nice evening out.

Now, I just left Suzanne's blog and I was commenting about "Divine Luck"....me thinks you have a bit of this also! And you look just beautiful. :)

Schoolmarms are cute - I think you look very chic, actually. And look at that little sleeping sweetie!

You look wonderful without make up... Olive Oil really made me laugh... I have trouble finding someone to babysit 3...I'm glad your dh took you on a date...and a sleeping baby, what a bonus!

You am what you am, and you are beautiful! You had me laughing out loud with the Olive Oyl picture! I love you, Alice!

Is there any other hairstyle besides a ponytail??? I wasn't aware.
Oh, that Olive Oyl pic is hilarious!

Oh I am so glad that your special day was celebrated so wonderfully!

Well, you manage to look radiant anyway, Alice! And what better gift than time with your husband and a sweet, cooperative bundle!

You do look beautiful! And that's how I would have gone too. I'm not sure my hair is ever out of a ponytail.

Oh, Alice...LOL
You are so funny!

I love the "schoolmarm chic" (you made me think of Anne of Green Gables when you wrote that) and I love that you're so whimsical as to put dear Olive Oil alongside your photo. How fun!

I just love everything about you! You're a rare find and you deserve that elegant restaurant, that splendid dinner, and that wonderful husband of yours.


And God Bless! :)

Who needs makeup with a face that just radiates joy? I agree with Cay, you deserve a delicious dinner out with your darling. Your sweet baby must have known that, too!

Ahhh, and the precious Li'l Swee'Pea at your side.

Alice, you are so funny. Remember, Olive Oyl was a hot ticket...with Popeye and Bluto after her.

This is "make my day" hilarious.

Many are the times when I have run errands with my hair pulled back in one of the girls' sparkly butterfly "ponies" or in my sandals and socks! (to my horror, that one).

Incidentally, you look beautiful and radiant--as a birthday girl should!!!

Alice, you look splendid! And I am betting that if we asked your husband, he'd say that he is thankful for you...

MinM said, "birthday girl" was it your birthday? I missed that.Happy birthday to you! You are beautiful!

Oh that made me laugh. Actually, you look beautiful. My husband sometimes comments that I take my cues from Ruth Buzzi. On the days I get to shower he will say "you look beautiful today". I always say thanks I took a shower!

Alice you have such a wonderful sense of humor! You are such a blessing to all of us!

Alice, you radiate JOY! And that rare quality is so much more attractive than the fanciest hair style in the world. What a lucky man your husband is! Birthday hugs to you.

Alice, you look so happy and beautiful! If it is really your birthday then here is a hug from me {{{Alice}}}

If it is not, then consider yourself hugged anyhow! :)

We have done this many times too..the rare dinner out with a liitle one sleeping in an infant carseat!

I agree with Kristina! Who needs makeup when you have a face that radiates such JOY?! I am sooo glad you could have this special time with your dh!

No resemblance whatsoever! You are too beautiful inside and out...I hope your birthday was absolutely wonderful. I love those really romantic multiple course dinners -- how wonderful that she slept through it all!

No resemblance whatsoever! You are too beautiful inside and out...I hope your birthday was absolutely wonderful. I love those really romantic multiple course dinners -- how wonderful that she slept through it all!

Happy Happy Day!! You looked beautiful...it is all your inner goodness shining through. All our love and prayers for a wonderful new year for you. Mb and family

Is it your birthday? Happy, happy birhtday! I love this post (I'm sitting at the computer with my hair in a bun, because I didn't have time to shower today-in my FLANNEL jammies). Thank God for the wonderful men who love us, even if we are not beautifully coiffed!

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