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November 20, 2006


How funny! What a great sense of humor. I can only imagine the response Marie would have received from a couple of my children. I hope Margaret has a better day tomorrow.

LOL, Christine! The thing about Marie is that she does these things with such good humor (usually bouncing around), everyone always has to laugh--including Margaret (no, especially Margaret who taught Marie everything she knows about cracking a joke!) : ) They are funny kids!

There's nothing like a funny little sister for comfort...

Cute kids!

Too funny! So glad it helped snap that melancholy right out of the house! LOL!

Can I borrow that song for myself? I think that would be the cure for any bad mood.

oh how funny! I love it!

What wit! This brought a smile to my day. We all feel like that towards our siblings at moments, don't we? ;)

Too funny! Nothing like a child to keep one from taking herself to serious! :)

Oh, this is so sweet and so funny!!

That is so funny. Kudos to your kids for having such wonderful sense of humor!

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