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November 03, 2006


You already know that our family has caught the spoon saint bug. I think we're going to try a St. Martin de Porres today. I found a little sack of wooden circles, ovals and teardrops at the craft store next to the wooden spoons and my dd told me that she wants to make St. Martin's mice out of the little pieces. Hopefully I'll get it posted later.

We've had so much fun with your sweet idea, Alice.

Our effort was with clothespegs (dolly pegs?). We made St Francis.

We were certainly inspired by your spoon saints and made several last month. My 5yo even made a separate lion for St. Jerome. We used sticky tac to attach them to the school room door. We are out of town, but maybe dh can take a pic. Thanks for the idea, Alice!

We finally got our spoon saints up on my blog. A small gathering. :)


Alice, here's a link to our initial round of Spoon Saints, there may be more to follow!!
Let me know if it doesn't come thru! Blessings, and what a great idea!

Hi Alice! I just put up a post with our saint spoons: http://dawnathome.typepad.com/by_sun_and_candlelight/2006/11/sunday_fun_with.html. (I hope that link works.)

Thank you for all your beautiful inspiration! What would we all do without you!?!


Alice, here are our first round of Saints. We just used a manila folder for the background material rather than spoons. It was so much fun! http://www.sailblogs.com/member/marihalojen/?xjMsgID=18847

We've made some spoon saints, adding a couple to the fronts of "Thank You" cards. Our pastor really liked St. Faustina on his card. My four oldest children have been making them whenever they have a little free time. We will be making more during Little Flowers in about a week. The girls' mothers will all hear about a wonderful mother who shares these ideas ~ many have already heard about you. I will try to take photos at that time (if our camera is available). Thank you, once again, for sharing this wonderful idea! When is your book coming out? :)

We got our St. Martin spoon saints posted today. :)

this site isnt what i thought it would be. But it has a lot of good info.

Here's our link

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