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November 06, 2006


Oh Alice....so beautiful! And I just love the wedding photo. I too, feel I am at the summit wanting to sit at the campfire much longer...but it seems like my teen boys are ready to run down the hill without me....please pass those binoculars, please..:)

How beautiful!

No other word fits the beauty of this post, Alice.

I love it when my beloved knows what I'm thinking, even when he doesn't know he knows. He says I do that to him all the time, too. It must be true love, I think, when two people are so close to each other that thoughts can be heard as easily as words. Not every one has that, you know.

This is such an encouraging post because I am that girl with the pink suit and gold buttons, early on my journey.

This is so beautiful! I wish my dh was here, it makes me want to hug him and tell him how much I love him! :)

Thank you, Alice; this was beautiful. I guess I am approaching the summit of this hill -- not quite there yet -- but getting closer faster than I thought was possible.

Oh Alice, I'm speechless. How is it that you are able to put into perfect words the tenderest of thoughts, which lie at the very heart of me?

You are amazing. And loved more than you could ever imagine.

Alice, this is such a beautiful post. It brought tears to my eyes. I know exactly what you mean and I love that you expressed it so beautifully.

Your wedding picture is absolutely priceless.

Do you get tired of me saying, "Oh, Alice ... that's so beautiful!"?? I just can't help it ... it is, and so are you.

You made me cry. That was beautiful!! What a wonderful, wonderful post!!

Amazing post, Alice, and beautiful photo!

I love this! It is perfect and beautiful and captures exactly what I think must be at the heart of every happy marriage...the anticipation, the basking, the looking ahead together. Thank you so much for sharing it!

Dear Alice, I do not know how to thank you for this beautiful post. I am in tears - and complete understanding!

I am printing out this post to tuck in my prayer journal. I want to remember your words here ... God bless you!

What a beautiful love story.

Oh Alice...I really do hope you write a book.

Your words inspire so much gladness... for Holy Marriage, for True Love... thank you, Alice.

Oh Alice, this post is full of grace, as are you. We are so lucky to get to read these thoughts. I do hope you write at least one book!

Beautiful, Alice!

Oh my dear one, this is unbearably lovely. Thank you. And I just love your sweet husband too!

You know, to me you are still that smiling young mother with the two tiny girls in the double stroller. That was yesterday, no more than a week ago, I'm sure of it!!

Lovely, Alice, and beautiful photo!

Lovely dear.

Alice, simply beautiful! Crisis averted by LOVE!

You are a true storyteller, lady, of the highest sort, and we are so fortunate for it. I treasure this story and its' sentiment.

This is beautiful.

Amazing Alice, you've made my 41 year old day today!

OH! Alice,
You made me cry,we are
so lucky to have you.But
please remember you are
sill OUR baby!

Now I have goosebumps - that was just so BEAUTIFUL! Thank you so much for this.

Beautiful, Alice, beautiful.

Oh Alice I am crying here. That was such a wonderful reflection, thank you.

This is such a beautiful reflection. Thank you for sharing. You have such a beautiful and tender spirit-truly a blessing.

I have returned over and over to read this post today but never commented because I really am speechless. You certainly are such a blessing to me, Alice and I will be praying in gratitude to God for you tonight. Thank you for this post and for your sweet, kind heart.

Like Rebecca, this was the first thing I clicked on this morning because I just had to read it again. I is one of the most loving and beautiful images - one filled with such hope. Thank you for sharing it.

So beautiful, Alice. I love that your dh was so in sync with you...your guardian angel must have sent him to say the perfect thing at the perfect moment.

Oh, how I love these beautiful "when we met" stories! And yours is particularly beautiful.

Perhaps this could be the start of the next meme?

In any case, God is so very glorified in your marriage, Alice. Why does satan spend so much time attacking marriage & the priesthood? I think the question answers itself but here is my thought regardless: because both institutions are life-giving and the devil despises new life.

Well, too bad for him! For we have read (and are reading) the Good Book...and we know full well the ending!

Just reading this as I catch up on my internet reading. Such a beautiful post, Alice.

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