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November 12, 2006


That is beautiful! And so impresssive stacked up that way! The kids must have been thrilled to see their work displayed that way-larger than life!

That is amazing! I never would have thought of that. Beautiful again, Alice.

Wow Alice! These are gorgeous! Tell me, will you keep them together or disassemble them to display in your home?

Beautiful! What a great idea.

Love this project!
Does all this happen in your house?

Wow, what a treasure! You never cease to amaze me, Alice. Your kids are having the best of childhoods.
I would love to try this, but do you have any idea where one would buy transfer paper in Belgium? I've never heard of it. (Is this something I most definitely should have heard of as a good hsing mommy??)

Thank you, thank you, thank you all from the bottom of my heart.

Rebecca, this project was made for an exhibit at a local museum. When it is over, Mary will disassemble the tower and return it to each of the young participants. We were originally planning on submitting three cubes of artwork, but then realized how incredible it would look stacked into one.

Ana, the projects were completed at home and brought to my house for assembly--this was just a fluke though, because we were all getting together for play practice. A Midsummer Night's Dream practice takes place at my house every Friday. We are putting on an unabridged production in the Spring.

Diane, the transfer paper can be purchased at any office supply store. It goes through the printer. Try Staples online.

Thanks so much, once again!


Truly beautiful! You could have Patrick's professionally matted and framed- your mother could treasure it for years!

Did you buy the canvas as material and frame it? I like this idea for Christmas gifts, also.

Those are just enchanting.

Thanks Mary Beth and Beck!

Mary Beth, the canvas may be purchased at any craft or art supply store. It can be expensive, so it is worth buying when you find it on sale. We spent about $4.99 per canvas.

Wonderful art project!

Alice -- Will you also be submitting this post to the Loveliness of Homemade Gifts fair that Dawn is hosting at her By Sun and Candlelight blog? What fantastic artwork and perfect gifts! Thank you for sharing this terrific idea. Blessings!

Alice, this art exhibit is beautiful. Your blog is just full of great ideas.

What a neat idea! I bet it gets a lot of attention at the exhibit. :)

I am constantly amazed by your talents and creativity!
GREAT job... you have really been an inspiration this year :)

I love this idea! What a neat display this would be in a Daddy's or Grandpa's office...

GREAT idea!

I'm so late here, but these are so cool!! I love them!!

I love it, Fine Arts Friday! And the sound of all the activities in your house at the one time, so enriching.

Fine Arts Friday - that's tomorrow! I'll be looking forward to this on the morrow, Alice.
Neat idea, I've some off-shoots muddling about in my brain from this! Very adaptable.

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