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November 30, 2006


I love that idea. Then my family could join in as well. I'll copy/paste right now.

I also cut/pasted your description into my sidebar. I hope that's OK.

Alice, this is a great idea! I added the novena to my sidebar.

Alice, Lovely idea. I just put the Novena prayer up at Soul of the Home.

I'm on board!

'Tis done! Great idea!

It's up on my sidebar, dear Alice!

Beautiful, Alice! I just added the Novena to my blog as well. :)

I did it too, though my wording is slightly different. Great idea!

What a great idea!!! I've added it to my blog as well.
Thanks for all your inspiration.

Wonderful Alice!
I have the prayer in my sidebar as well.
I was able to add a hyperlink to bring the reader here.

I added it to my sidebar too, Alice. Great idea!

I did it too Alice! It is so hard for me to keep novenas...but! I am determined! I copied it into a Word document and made several copies and put it up in strategic places around the house...Now, I ask you... how could I forget?! :o)

Thank you for posting this Alice, I forgot all about this novena. It's up on my blog.

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