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November 26, 2006


Look at that baby! That's how I wore my baby all last winter, carried in a sling with her head peeking through my coat.

she's so cute.....I want her! :)

She's a cutie pie. Great picture taking, Marie.

I bet that baby-face could sell a million double-tassled red hats!

What a sweet and jolly baby!

Helene writes:

>I bet that baby-face could sell a million >double-tassled red hats!

Thank you, Helene! Rebecca, you had better start knitting!!! : )

Thank you, Rebecca, Cheryl, Cheryl, and Kimberlee also!

Oh my goodness she is SOOO cute!!!

She's such a cutie! What a snuggly sight!

Just stopping in to say, "hi". I took a quick look through your blog and it's great. Your little Eileen is so cute.

Wonderful! Love the hat and cape ... and as for that gorgeous baby :)

what a cutie pie! we all need a hat just like that one.

So precious! What a beautiful photograph!

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