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November 08, 2006


I love the way you go from sublime meditations on the meaning of marriage to negotiations with craft suppliers!

I can't wait to see what you are planning to do with them!

Alice, you have more ways to entice me to spend money than anyone else.

Without revealing all, would you let me know what age range this would for? Would your ds do this? Younger than ds?

Ooh, I can just see, and Advent Block calendar for my littles!! Can't wait for your plans....

Okay, I've purchased my blocks and now I'm going to try to wait patiently (not one of my fortes):)

LOL! As I re-read my own post, it seems like such overkill telling you to buy these blocks in advance! It is just that I know how frustrating it can be to hear about a craft with very little time and have trouble finding the supplies. When I heard the blocks were being discontinued, it spurred me to write!

Heather, thank you for buying without having seen the project!

Oh, and Jenn, this is an activity for all age ranges (but keep the blocks away from little ones who may choke).

Alice, you are such a tease!

Will you post this soon? My homeschool group is doing an Advent craft day this coming Friday. This sounds so doable (based on the supply list).

KC, I am planning on posting tomorrow (Sunday, November 12th). I do not know that this would make a good craft for a homeschool group, because it is more of an activity to do throughout Advent, than a craft. Sorry to be so mysterious--I really do not mean to be, but it is hard to explain without a whole post.

I just read the post at O Night Divine, and really like how it's really quite simple, yet encompasses many "projects" / aspects, etc. of Advent....Jesse Tree, Penitential tone, saints, treats, O Antiphons, etc. it's wonderful! And, it can be adapted for diff't ages. Especially like the drawing idea....& saving them throughout the years. Thank you!

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