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November 19, 2006



This is simply beautiful! You've inspired me.

That's beautiful!

It's wonderful! I do love it!

Oh Alice I am giddy with delight! I LOVE the small white candles and the one that you chose for Christmas Day! It is such fun to see the log adapted for your family, with your own personality and creativity! Yippee! :)

And I am thrilled to see that it CAN be done with a drill bit rather than a press, makes the whole process more friendly. Can you share what size bit Chris used to drill the holes?

Thank you, dears!

Rebecca, I will find out the size of the drill bit. More than once, dh remarked, "This drill bit is perfect!" as he worked. He brought the candle with him to the store and found an exact fit. The candles are very steady and secure.

Beautiful Alice! I've never seen this sort of Advent candle branch before. But why, oh why does that drill in that birch branch on top of the gorgeous wood floor make me so nervous??? :)


What a great decoration! You have one wonderful dh for doing that. :)

You probably think I'm strange for saying this after asking about your paint colors too, but I just love the scene on your fireplace mantle. After we painted our living room I was debating painting our mantle white (it is now brown and black)...I never thought to paint a scene on it! Or rather, since I can't paint worth beans, ask my *mother* to paint a scene on it, lol. :)

Thank you, dearest Amy (and all of you sweet friends)! Would you believe that scene was already there when we bought the house, and I hadn't noticed it during our many walk throughs of the place? I did not see it until our first day moving here, and I exclaimed, "I LOVE THAT SCENE!!! It looks like Fatima!" It actually has a church in the center with a little cross on the steeple, and the blue mantle reminds me of the Blessed Mother!

I do not know if the previous owner hired an artist to paint it or if the mantle was purchased with a scene already in place. It is difficult to tell by looking at it.

Thank you so much, and thanks to all of you for your kind comments!!! Rebecca's ideas always earn me a great deal of praise! : ) : ) : )

Gorgeous, Alice! I hope that when the time comes, you will post pictures of it all alight!

And God bless precious Agnes. She has such a heart for tiny children. I wonder where she gets that?

That really is gorgeous. How sweet your Agnes is. Ever since reading Rebecca's post about her Advent log, I've been wanting to find a tree branch to use. Unfortunately, we live in a neighborhood that does not have big trees.

It gorgeous! I would love to see it with the greenery too.

I adore how we share ideas and adapt for our own families in this wonderful way! What a merry glow Advent will have in your home.

I love this, Alice. I showed my dh your wonderful pictures and he says..."now,... don't get carried away" LOL I say..."Too Late!" ;o) I love it! You know, my dh really does love power tools and a mission ;o)

It's so lovely and what a great job he did!!

Oh, Alice! What a beautiful family treasure - and memories in the making! I can't wait to see it filled with Christmas greenery! And now I'm going to show this post to Bill, who has several birch logs piled beside our shed ... ;)

How wonderful! I hope you post once again once the evergreens are in place. So great!

That's so pretty!

Awesome idea..Never thought of this,,Must make like this soon,,^_^

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