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October 13, 2006


That is so beautiful. I'm so glad she didn't let go just yet. That poem made me weepy.

I love that poem! Raggedy Ann is such a loveable companion. I am glad she is still important to Marie!

How beautiful, Alice! How nice that Raggedy Ann was found and put in her prominent place again. I love having moments that show that ds isn't quite grown up. Today was a perfect example he asked to watch some Baby Einstein videos.

Alice, this brings back sweet memories of my Andrew, now a strapping 18 year old, and his loving care of his faithful companion, Raggedy Andy. I remember when I had to wean Andrew, weeks before his sister was born, due to some pregnancy complications, when Andrew sadly told Andy that neither of them could nurse anymore. Thanks for bringing back the sweet memeories of that earlier time.

>when Andrew sadly told Andy that >neither of them could nurse anymore.

That is so touching, Mary Ann.

Thanks everyone for the kind words!

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