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October 04, 2006


She's baaaack -- in full swing! I love the craft, it's so clever and sweet! As usual, your presentation is so wonderful! You're my inspiration!

Alice, you are the best!! How I wish I was a part of your homeschooling group! Have a wonderful day, and God Bless! :)

That is the cutest thing I have ever seen!!!!!! It's still and hour and a half until the craft store opens... I'm not sure I've commented before, but I do love your site. Thanks for the great ideas.

I now know what to do with that pack of large craft sticks I found myself inexplicably drawn to buy a few weeks ago! There are no coincidences, indeed! Thanks so much for the lovely ideas.

Your creativity never ceases to amaze me. Thank you fo taking the time to share your ideas with everyone else.

Cannot wait to see the Franciscan Bird Houses, they look pretty sweet unadorned and grouped about St Francis, actually!

You are an inspiration. I think it is safe to say that a book on celebrating the liturgical year by Alice would be a bestseller!!!
God Bless your day!

You're the best, Alice. I love your craft ideas - such an inspiration.

oh this is so great! I can't wait to try this.

Wow -- I wish I had some ice cream spoons today!! My kids would love this.

What a great idea! My girls will love this. :)

What wonderful ideas!!! I am just starting to celebrate the daily feasts and memorials of the liturgical year with my (so far) small family! These crafts are too advanced for my 2-year-old (the oldest) this year, but maybe next year or in the coming years we can do these! I LOVE the idea of creating the spoon saints all year and then displaying them on All Saint's day! What a wonderful idea! And the birdhouses...I can't wait to see how they come out! Great ideas and thank you for such a lovely reflection. :-)

Alice, these are adorable!

I am instantly inspired for the children to make a parade of saints---a garden of saints---a flood of saints---a community of wooden ice cream spoon saints! Hands down, this is absolutely the most precious idea!

I love the ideas. Please post pictures of the finished bird houses.

Sorry...I don't get around here often enough Alice. But I was so glad to click in here today and see all the craft pictures!

Mommy, I liked the post, and I made the birdhouse. It was fun!

What a wonderful idea to celebrate all the special Feast Days leading up to Nov. 1! Thank you so much for sharing!

Adore your spoon saints and want to do them as a craft at our All Saints Day party. Where did you find your spoons and how long are they?
Thank you for such a wonderful idea.

You're blog is wonderful :) It is my first time here. Thank you for this easy to follow tutorial. I appreciate it so much :)

Have a beautiful day,

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