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October 26, 2006


I've really been enjoying getting to know people through this meme. I have a grandmother who never learned to drive - and she lived to be 93!

Your part about meeting Lissa two weeks after watching that show is SO amazing!

Oh, Alice, this was a JOY to read! I'm sitting here with my copy of Lissa's book and I feel like I have a little of you both here with me. :) Thanks for sharing all this, my friend.

Wow, Alice. Sounds like you have led an interesting life.

Do you have a copy of the newspaper photo to share?

What's the story behind not driving until you're 30? Have you always lived in/near New York where there's subway and buses? ;)

I love the name connection and all the other connections. How neat!

>Do you have a copy of the newspaper >photo to share

I tried to find it online without success. My mother definitely has a few copies buried in her house somewhere. She moved two years ago, so it may remain in an unopened box. I will scan and post if it ever turns up.

>What's the story behind not driving >until you're 30? Have you always lived >in/near New York where there's >subway and buses? ;)

This is not uncommon where I lived because there was practically no parking, and trains, buses and cabs were everywhere. When we moved to a less urban (much less urban), place, I needed to learn to drive right away. Do you know how stressful it is to take your first faltering steps as a driver with three babies strapped in the back? I was petrified of getting into an accident with them, although it probably made me that much more careful.

Thank you for asking!

And thank you Dawn and Love2learn Mom!

Alice, that story about your granduncle and grandfather is quite amazing! I certainly have never heard anything like it before now. I also did not know you were an only child!

(Lastly, because this comment is WAY too long :) already!) I always wondered how you and Lissa met. Do you know that I lived very close to that bakery in the summer of 1991?

Alice, I'm so glad you did this. Far from tedious, all those I's are what make your list so interesting. It is great to see the hand of God in the lives of others. Thanks for sharing!

Thank you for sharing your little known facts. I enjoyed learning about the kindest lady I have "met" online!

Thanks for sharing. It's so nice to get to know everyone. And thanks for tagging me. I'll see if I can come up with 10 interesting things (hmmm). :)

you are one interesting lady, Alice. Does it count that I know exactly where I was when I heard of John Lennon's death??? Thanks for tagging me, sweetie. :)

Oh, Alice, we can never have too many of your "I"s ... and what a wonderfully fun and interesting list! Thank you!

This was an interesting new layer to getting to know you - enjoyed it!

That was an interesting list! I'm glad I'm not the only person out there stumped on the concept of left/right. I'd like to see the photo also!

What a fascinating list! Thanks for yet another day of smiles during my visit to your "cottage". :)

Thank you Alice :). What a piece of family history - "oh, that was great-uncle Joseph. He nearly got eaten by a man-earing shark ... ". This meme is a fun one!

Learning to drive at 30? You are one intrepid soul.
I remember being terrified driving around with that tiny, wobbley-headed darling who seemed to be rattling around in her monsterously huge carseat.
Egads! I wanted a huge neon sign on my car to warn other drivers to PLEASE BE CAREFUL!!!!!
Thanks for tagging me :-)

Love this list, Alice. You are amazing. I'm thinking #4 must be a university---wow! I noticed the dedication of #10 long ago and imagined how thrilled your girls must have been. Please tell them they made an excellent choice for the title.

Thanks so much for tagging me. I just posted my list.

I love love love this list! And dare I say I love love love its author? We all do, I think! When are you having us over?

I completely agree with every word of Margaret's comment. Tea at Alice's, anyone? Now that would be worth making a trip across the Atlantic.

Gang, if I could have one wish, it would be to have all of you over for tea, coffee or anything else. You are all so great. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!!

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