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October 10, 2006


Your children are doing wonderful things with those spoons. Thanks for posting pictures. When we get around to making them, we can come here for inspiration.

What a great idea... and they look so wonderful too :)

What a procession you will have by the end of the month! Fabulous and so inspiring, all from common wooden spoons.

Alice --

I'm so glad you got this picture before the camera soaking incident. The mantel is beautiful and this is such a celebration of our Catholic heritage! Thanks for sharing this with us all.....you are a real treat for us all....

Your children seem to have inherited your talent. Your mantle is lovely.

These are adorable and charming! I'm going to remember to look for spoons when next I'm at the craft store.

I'm smiling here ... we have *got* to do this. They're wonderful.

Alice these are wonderful! Your mantle is so lovely with such a procession of saints. Thank you so much for sharing.

Your children have inspired my children! They are begging me to drive into town for some spoons. They've started discussing how they will design their favorite saints. What a fun project, thanks so much for sharing!

These are so terrific! I just taught my son "When the Saints Go Marching In" and think of it every time I see your lovely spoon saints.

Have you figured out a way to stand them up on their own? Or make a little stand?

Alice, I'm sure you have already thought of this, but you really need to glue gun some gold thread on the backs of these and hang them on your Christmas tree!

These are unbelievable!!!! Great job. I need to get some of those.

This is just too cute! We are going to start this as well! Thank you so much for sharring. God Bless You!

Thank you for sharing this wonderful craft!! It comes perfect for All Saints Day!
I wanted to ask your permission to post one of your pictures with a link to your blog in my blog http://familiacatolica-org.blogspot.com/ Would you send me an email to let me know?
Many thanks an God bless!

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