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October 09, 2006


They are so beautifully detailed! I hope you realize what fun you have brought to our lives by mentioning this wonderful craft.

Oh Alice, these are wonderful! Jack's CCD class is having an All Saints party in a few weeks and I am going to offer to bring in this craft for the group! Thank you, thank you!

Your daughters look like they have inherited your creativity! These look wonderful!

I'm enjoying this series on the Spoon Saints. They're so cute, and such a sweet way for kids to learn about the many special Saints!

These are charming! What a great idea.

I love to see the work your children do! What beautiful saints they have made! The children will fondly remember making these when they are grown, Alice.

What lovely ideas. And spoons to treasure!

These are so sweet and beautiful. Have you figured out a way to make them stand up on their own? or a pedestal for the little darlings?

>Have you figured out a way to make >them stand up on their own?

Yes, Jenn, I think I have. We are working on something that I will post about soon. Thank you for asking.

And a million thanks to all of you for your kind words!

What a fab idea/I just found this site today/I'm going to tell the other CCD teachers about doing this with the kids/thanx so much/looking forward to more stuff/

Thank you for such a good idea to have my preschool PSR students do. Not only is it a great idea, but it came just in time for 2009 All Saints Day.

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