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October 13, 2006



Give them all a big hug and kiss from your friend in Denver!

But, I don't know, Lissa's baby sure is a cutie, too.....

So Cute!! I'm glad that u got these pictures from that wet camera (hope it gets well soon :-)

What cute little darlings! So precious! I'm glad you could retrieve them...

Oh how sweet!! So many little heads to nuzzle! :)

That is a little pile of heaven right there! How sweet. I love your little girl's smile!

I love that second one from the bottom, where she's looking sideways. And she has the cutest grin! They look all about the same age. Are they?

What cute pictures!

Thank you all so much!

Mary G. writes:
>>But, I don't know, Lissa's baby sure is a >>cutie, too.....

She sure is! Wouldn't I love to have her on that couch with them?! Not to mention Karoline and Julia and Little Cherub and Bella and . . . . How blessed this group is!

Jennie C. writes:
>They look all about the same age. Are >they?
My little one is two months older than the twins. She is probably riding down a bit on the couch, making her appear smaller!

Gosh, too cute! Eileen has the best smile. BTW, I love a baby in a bonnet and the little boy looks so boyish already!

Oh, I love them all! I can remember how thrilling it was to hear about both you and Mary Ellen being pregnant. XOXO to Eileen. I would probably make her cheeks chapped from kisses if I got the chance. The photos were too precious..thanks for sharing. :)

I looked again after I commented, and yes, her legs are definitely longer, and she's a bit more filled out, but they are all still a bunch of cuties.

Ohhhh, how absolutely precious!!! Thanks so much for sharing, Alice.

Beautiful indeed! Oh how much longer do I have anyway?? Pics like that make me long for Dec. : )

Oh what a treat, they are so adorable and sweet and what fun you all must have had!!! Twins, wow, and your little angel looks right at home with those bonny ones!! Blessings!

They are beautiful! I want one for Christmas!


Oh-they are sooo CUTE! I love the way Eileen has a little "sprout" to her hair. My last two babies had hair like that when they were that little! Tonight, we went out to supper and the fleece hood (it's cold up here in Maine) gave Davy a little "sprout" for a minute. It was so cute!

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