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October 30, 2006



This is beautifully, beautifully written.

Lovely post

Thank you Alice, for the book recommendation and for the beautiful post.

I don't know but that you're living this dance, Alice. We often regret what we're *not* doing, but my goodness, Dear! Look at your beautiful Pro-Life life!

Which is not to down-play this lovely new book. May God infinitely bless these women and their tireless zeal for saving the unborn. I think that at the end of time, when we are all standing before the eternal Judge, these Pro-Life warriors will be given a very special crown.

And it will be placed on their heads by the children that they saved.

God bless you, Alice, and thank you for this beautiful tribute to both your mother and "Eileen"!

PS. And I am sorry to read about the loss of your father. May he rest in peace.

Mom, this is a beautiful post. I'm sure that your prayers have helped unborn babies and their mothers very, very much. I love you.

Thanks for the beautiful post! My mom was very involved in the prolife movement too and I have often wondered if I could do more. God has his own ways, though, and a unique path for each of us to follow.

By the way, I have a dear relative (adopted) who was saved before birth by the intervention of a sidewalk counselor. But sometimes I'm just in awe of being the 5th of 7 children born into a world that really didn't approve.

Beautiful, Alice!
And you do dance...everyday...in our hearts.

Thank you for the book recommendation. The Helpers of God's Precious Infants is a wonderful group. God has blessed all of us with talents. You are sharing yours by being open to the gift of life, through your homeschool activities, your blog, and the shared arts and crafts that bring greater glory to God, Mary, and the saints. May God bless you for all that you do and for the above witness to life that you so eloquently shared.

What a wonderful story.
It's never too late to dance in the rain...

What a great thing to share here Alice, your mother sounds incredible! That's why you are too :)
The book sounds formidible, I'll check my library for it! Blessings!

This is so beautifully written, Alice, as always. You know how to reach my heart.

When we were first married, my husband and I used to pray the Rosary in front of an abortion clinic on Sat mornings. I remember those days as being so emotionally draining yet empowering as well. You are right---sidewalk counselors are amazing individuals, so dedicated and so inspiring. I've wondered through the yrs why dh and I stopped being so actively involved and whether or not that was right. It sort of just happened with our moves and then kids. I do agree with the others here, and I hope I'm not rationalizing---we are all called to different paths and different missions---and these may change during different seasons of our life. May we all be open to God's call and faithful when we hear Him.

I also want to let you know that I was so touched by Agnes's comment. You are so blessed. But then, I'm sure you know.

How lucky am I,to have the
best Godmother in the world,your MOM.I love you
all so much.You help us in so many ways.THANK-YOU

What a beautiful book review and personal reflection, all rolled into one. I will put this one on my wish list.

Alice, Thanks for this beautiful remembrance and for the book recommendation. It sounds so wonderful, and hopeful.

And, Agnes is right ... your prayers have assuredly helped countless souls.

This post brought tears to my eyes! My own dear mother also goes on "Prayer Walks" every month from the parish in which we all grew up to an abortion clinic in Hartford, CT. She never gives up, quietly and reverently praying for each precious soul. She too, welcomed each life God had for her (7 of us) in the face of great medical obstacles and disapproval!

Alice, you are such an encouragement to me, with your beautiful children and patient kind appreciation of them! You, too, are a testament to the "pro-life" cause!

Dear Alice:

Your post has made this attorney speechless- Thank you. Your mother and father always supported and inspired the Helpers (and still do). Thank you for your everyday pro-life work of raising 7 beautiful children. My greatest accomplishments as an attorney, have been handling a feeding tube removal case and an abortion medical malpractice case, but my greatest accomplishment in life has been the 8 1/2 years I spent as a side-walk counselor.- Love, Margaret aka Eileen

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