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September 20, 2006


What precious girls! One of the most lovely things in the world is to watch a tiny child lavish a baby sibling with love. And I also had to mention, my 2 year old has the same seersucker dress and wore it just yesterday!

Wow, how time flies! They are so sweet!

What darlings! Happy 100, Babygirl!

Oh Alice, what a sweet picture! Blessings to you and those little ones! :)

That look is priceless! Hilarious and adorable!

Alice, of all the pictures I've seen on your blog of you and some of your other girls this little gem looks the most like you, I think.
Thanks for the peek at her.

How beautiful!!

Sweet! Sweet! Sweet!

Too cute, what a joy, she's adorable and look at that beautiful big sister!! Hugs.

I was so overcome by the cuteness factor that I forgot to mention that in Korea, the 100th day is very special. The baby is given a ring and pictures are taken. These used to be the first pictures taken of the baby. It stems from the fact that in the old times, lots of babies did not live long so families would celebrate the 100th day. Congrats on your daughter's 100 days.

What a beautiful doll baby (babies) :))

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