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September 06, 2006


LOL!!!!!! Yes! Hideous clutter, to boot!

That is taking Flylady too far! And plush clutter is the worst kind.

I am forever giving plush things away to St. Vincent de Paul Society when the kids are not looking. If I didn't, we would need another bedroom for all the stuffed animals.

Oh dear.
That's really scary.

So with you, Rebecca and Alice! Those little stuffed critters are not allowed here!

The odd colored plush things are the first to go here as well. Could you imagine picking this up with love several times a day?...hmmm....

I think flylady is fabulous, but that doll is downright creepy looking! Ugly clutter.

Fling it. Fling it now.

Definitely not one of Flylady's brighter ideas. Just in time for Christmas, though? Hmmmm.
I agree with everyone else. Fling it!

Marla Cilley has a heart of gold. I say we cut her a wee bit of slack...which is not to say that I'm buying the doll, but rather, that if having a Flylady "lovey" brings comfort to...say, the child of a single working mom who's really struggling, then so be it. Buy it.



Yes! Hideous, plush clutter.

Apprently, this mommy isn't as stealth as the rest of you - if one plush item so much as goes missing around here it is a MAJOR tragedy! There is, currently, a big, fluffy mound sitting on dd's bed!

Now, it's not something I would buy, and I'm not particularly partial to plush clutter myself, but my dd always had lots of stuffed things on her bed (and still does at 24, although she did get rid of a bit a few years back). Plush clutter was never the biggest problem around here. Lego clutter, paper clutter, 4-H prize ribbons clutter, crafts clutter, even book clutter were far worse problems. If there are some kids out there that the Fly Lady doll can help, well so be it. However, I can't say that I think the doll is anywhere near as cute as the little cartoon character on the website. My daughter would not have been amused to get a FlyLady doll for Christmas, another stuffed horse, a stuffed sheep, why of course, a Fly Lady doll would have made her feel like she'd gotten coal in her stocking.

That thing is bizzare looking.

Oh, that thing is ripe for the flinging, LOL!

Too funny, Alice!

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