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August 12, 2006


It sounds as though you had such a wonderful visit! When two beautiful families such as yours and Lissa's gets together, it's bound to be special. Thanks for posting all these beautiful photos, especially of the two "best friends". They are just darling!

Oh Alice what a blessing you families are for each other, how absolutely wonderful to have such a great visit, and those babies, how precious are they, oh my goodness. Felt like I was there with ya'll. Hugs and God Bless, we sure miss you!

Alice, thank you! There's a certain family here in Colorado who loved reading your posting about the Bonny Glen gang's visit! (We certainly enjoyed the photos, too!) Easy to see why Lissa & Co. love you all so much.

Oh my goodness!
Lovely, lovely photos... they are cherubic.
God bless those beautiful children and their mothers!

Now that is a blessed visitation! Those babies! How precious.
Thanks for sharing ~

Your babies are so sweet. What a nice time together.

OOOH, how cute! Wish I could've been there! I'm sure you wouldn't even have noticed 4 more(boys)! So glad you had fun. I can attest that, yes, Lissa is JUST AS SWEET in real life!

Those are really adorable little babies~Such sweet pictures!
...Lissa's baby has such chubby cheeks!
She could store nuts in those!

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