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June 25, 2006


She's absolutley beautiful....and the baby is gorgeous too. You look radiant, Alice!

You look fantastic, dear Alice. :)

These photos are beautiful.
Thanks for sharing.

All of you girls are gems! What beautiful photos! Thank you for posting them.

What a special day! Alice, you are beautiful, and so are your precious girls! God bless! :)

These are such special times! Thank you for sharing these lovely pictures. God bless you and yours!

Many, many thanks to all you kind friends!

Alice, you all look beautiful! Thanks for the pictures.

Alice, the baby is adorable. So precious...and her sister holding, how cute. And you! You look fabulous! Your babymoon is very flattering!

Your baby is beautiful. Congratulations!

My Dear Cuz.,
You and the baby are BEAUTIFUL!!

Alice, she is just an angel!! You look tremendous dear! Am so happy for you all!! What a special day, God Bless!

So beautiful - all of you!

Oh Alice,
She is such a living doll! You look wonderful! You wear the glow of new-motherhood so very well! How old is your other precious baby?
Sent with a prayer!
Donna Marie

ooh! One more thing...my dd Christina (17mos) will not let me turn the page of your blog...even SHE want's to drool over your baby! LOL! :o)

you guys look wonderful! congratulations on your new blessing!

my daughter is 5 months. the interesting part is that we have the same first name and named our daughters the same name!

Alice R

Thank you to all you beautiful friends! Your comments are all so wonderful. Each one is a gift!

Donna Marie, Catherine is two. Please give your sweet Christina a kiss for us, and tell her "thanks"!

Alice, I think it is so great that we share not one but two names!!!

Such a pretty baby!!! Oh, and Catherine is a living doll! LOVE the hat! Congratulations, Alice!

Oh Alice, what beautiful girls! And YOU look so lovely! Congratulations on your new blessing!

Alice, you are as beautiful and glowing postpartum as you were when you were expecting! God Bless your family!

"Herself a rose,
who bore the Rose...."

What lovely roses you are!
Thank you for sharing, Alice.

oooooh, so beautiful... all of you!!!

oh, okay, i did see her after all! i was sure i did, but couldn't find the post!

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