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June 10, 2006


Dear Alice,
You have done it to me again. I am crying. I don't even know you and yet so often when I read your blog you bring memories rushing back. My third child was breach (I won't go into all of the details). His was the last birth my mom attended. During my labor, she commented that one of my contractions looked like Mt. Everest. May God bless Catherine, you, the baby in your womb, and your whole family! May our Blessed Mother be with you during your labor and delivery! You are in my prayers!

What a beautiful story, Alice. Thank you for the reminder of Our Lady's loving care.

Alice, thank you so much for sharing this beautiful story. I'm off to Mass now, tears flying down my face, my heart so full for you and your family ... God Bless you, today and always!

Sobbing here. Oh! So! Beautiful! God bless you, my dearest of friends!

I'm crying too! :) Thank you thank you for this beautiful reminder of Our Lady's care, and a wonderful birth story to boot. :)

And I'm in tears too! What a beautiful story and powerful reminder that all we need is trust!

Beautiful! So touching...

What a powerful story of Our Lady's love. Prayers for another beautiful delivery and a healthy baby...

Oh Alice! Thank you so much for taking the time to gett all this down "on paper." This was just so beautiful and such an incredible witness. I really think you are ready to go now--you just had this one more left in you before taking a blog break for a babymoon.

This is so exquisitely beautiful ... thank you (she said through tears, just like all the others ....)

Thank you for the beautiful story. I needed the reminder of Our Mothers Love. God Bless.

you have such a lovely way of making my heart ache with happiness! THANK YOU so much for sharing this BEAUTIFUL story!! We here are praying for you and your newest little one...{{{{HUGS!!}}}}
God Love you!!

Beautiful Alice, just beautiful.

Thank you for sharing this beautiful post, Alice! What a wonderful testimony of Our Lady's great love. Many blessings on your upcoming delivery and birth!

I wholeheartedly agree with Elizabeth, I'm so glad you were able to "get it all down"!! Praying fervently for you and the whole family in this time of waiting dear. God's blessings to you ALL!


Sounds a lot like my 3rd child's birth, I think born around the same time (March '04?). I was induced because of Strep B. He was not coming and they were talking c-section in an hour. I was only 4c. I prayed so hard- he was born 45 min. later! The Lord is good. I was able to witness to the nurses at that secular hospital. The pictures of her are so cute! She looks like my little Aaron, all chubby and loveable! I will be praying for your new little blessing.

A beautiful story, Alice! I'm praying for you in these last days and I can't wait to hear the story of this baby's birth. Hang in there - you'll be holding your precious little one soon!

My heart needed an encounter with beauty and this was it for today!
Isn't it always astounding how much peace and grace and lovliness that Our Blessed Mother brings to our lives?! Thanks for sharing this with us.

Birth is such a holy experience. Thank you, Alice, for sharing this beautiful faith-filled story.

I just read, via Melissa, about the arrival of your newest blessing -- congratulations, Alice, and all best wishes to you and your family, and welcome to the little one!

I'm a little late to the party, but what a wonderful story! Thank you so much for telling it. And congratulations on your newest little one, whom I read about in Lissa's blog!! June is such a nice month for a birthday. My prayers for both mother and baby :-)

This is my first time reading this. When you posted it in June I was just beginning to discover this world of blogging. Your experience, which reads like a great novel, is amazing. I admire the relationship you have with Our Blessed Mother.

Great birth story!!

It's so funny how doctors are so connected to their gizmos and gadgets, that they have lost the art of feeling a baby to determine position! Glad you stayed the course and had a lovely baby!

Alice, I read this back in June, but was a bit too busy to comment ;). What a wonderful story of Our Lady's love and protection. Thank you for sharing it with us.

Beautiful! Thank you for sharing.

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