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May 25, 2006


It's probably a good thing to get your rest *now*. : )

But I sure do miss your posts.

June 4! My birthday is June 3! Hmmm... maybe I'll pray for you to be one day early! LOL!
I miss your inspirational posts, too. But, as Cay says, get it while you can!

Thank you both very much. June 3 would be just fine with me!

You're definitely in our prayers and novena, Alice!

Alice, praying for a peaceful and happy birth for your little one!

I am praying for you and your little! Get plenty of rest and relaxation.

Alice, wishing you a blessed and quick delivery of that sweet little one, hope you can get your rest and are able to enjoy these last few days! God's peace, and hugs!

Alice, what a special time of anticipation this is for you and your family. Soon you will be snuggling your new Sweet Treasure. Count on my prayers for you. Blessings!

Completely understandable that you are "totally not there" -- I'm not either, but I don't have your excuse!

I'll be sure to keep you in my prayers as Pentecost draws near. How very exciting and wonderful....

Thank you all so much! You are great!

And Mary, I would call an impending move overseas a pretty good excuse! We moved twenty minutes from our old home, and it was a much bigger upheaval than even a new baby!

Alice, you and your sweet babe and family are in our prayers! Take good care of you!

I guess that's today, Alice! My prayers are with you. Many blessings!

Oh, Kristina, I this!!! "snuggling your new Sweet Treasure"

how sweet.....Alice, you are in our daily Memorare for expectant moms we started last fall for a friend.......and once Lissa delivered :).........we pray for you by name since you are so close to delivery......if we did ALL moms by name, it would be quite a litany! Keep us updated! Many blessings for a happy delivery!


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