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May 09, 2006


So cute! Reminds me a little of Jonah and the whale now. :)

Now that was truly a sacrifice -- you must be so proud of Patrick!

And I love the Star of the Sea craft idea -- you really do need to write a book, Alice!

That is so cute! You must have a very sweet little boy!

>Reminds me a little of Jonah and the >whale now.

LOL! I almost made the same joke in my post!

Thanks very much everyone.

Ooohh, I think she loves it!

That is just so sweet and funny. Definitely Our Lady will enjoy it even more with his gift of a precious object. How precious!!

What a cutie pie, your and mine 4 yo's are two peas in a pod!!

Adorned with the love only a little one can express ~ the project is perfect now!!! What a cutie!

She so needed a fish.

So beautiful!!!

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