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April 30, 2006


You and the girls win "Recycler of the Liturgical Year" awards!!


Alice, you *and* your girls continue to inspire and amaze me!! Thank you for sharing all these lovely photos and ideas with us. :)

I love, love, love your creativity! When I look at a plastic cup, I tend to see only this: "Oh, good ... I don't have to wash it." ;-)

These are beautiful!

Alice, these are lovely! We are planning to make some with cups this week...I found an extra pack in storage! Great ideas here at Cottage Blessings!

You are all way too kind! Many, many thanks!

Hi again, Alice! I just want to tell you my boys got *so much joy* out of making a May cup for their Nana this morning! We filled it with flowers from the yard and oh, was she pleased!

Thank you so much for sharing your creativity with us!!

Dawn, I am just now in the process of reading the post at your blog and loving it!!! Thanks so much, btw!

These are simply stunning, truly brilliant and so beautiful!! Thanks for sharing yours dd's talents and your continual genius my dear!!

This was so great. I'm happy to report my whole second grade religious ed class did this devotional craft this weekend; and watched the movie: The Day the Sun Danced. What a wonderful experience for them and how proud and delighted they were carrying their Marian baskets out after class.
Thanks Alice!
May our Lord and Blessed Mother bless you abundantly!
~ Denise

Denise, I am thrilled beyond words to read this! Thanks so much!

And belated thanks to you, Meredith!

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