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April 26, 2006


You're making me hungry.
What a beautiful spread! It reminds me of the desserts my grandmother would set out when we visited her in Switzerland. Chocolate eclairs almost always graced her table.

You should have heard me gasp when I saw those eclairs!! (Even before I read your post.)

Rose and I are standing here lamenting the 10 hour drive between us...wish we were there!

Looks yummy! Where is it that you live? :)

Thank you Christine and both Melissas!: )

The Tea went very well today. I'm still working on figuring out exactly how many children were here, but my guess is that it was over one hundred. A good time was had by all!

Wait, let me get this straight...Alice, you are 8 months pregnant and hosting a tea for over 100 children and their mothers??? You must have a very special place reserved for you in heaven.

Oh, it gives Alice something to do. Otherwise, she'd be bored.

A lovely day, as always, Alice!

It was a wonderful day! We love our times at the Cottage.

Alice, won't you be my neighbor?!? :)
Your food spread looks scrumptuous!

Thank you all so much! As always, you are too kind!

Alice, it sounds like a wonderful day, you are truly amazing. Did anyone take any pictures?? Macbeth? Mary Ellen??

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