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April 12, 2006


Alice, what a moving, thoughtful and beautiful post. I am so glad to read everything turned out well. Haven't we all had moments like these, when we are sure of, and thankful for, an angel's sheltering hand?

What a beautiful post one of my favorites.

Alice, this is so true. Thank you for yet another thought provoking and heart-warming post.

Truly beautiful and so thought provoking, Alice. Thank you!

Alice, this is so beautiful, so true, so moving.

Beautiful, Alice!
Thank you for sharing.

Beautiful post Alice.

"Guardian Angel Moments" have caused many a restless night for me. Thank you so very much for sharing this - it speaks to me so!
God Bless you and yours,

Praise God from whom all blessings flow! Praise God for our Guardian Angels. Praise God for our beautiful, blessed, sometimes boring lives, and Praise God you have shared with us such a remarkable moment in yours. :o)
Tracy Q.

Oh Alice, I am almost crying feeling like I was right there with you watching it all unfold. How thankful you must be for that precious little Catherine. God Bless her sweet little heart. Breath easy as God is in heaven. Hugs.

Alice, I am so grateful that you posted this. I, too, take for granted the everyday safety and protection the angels give our children. Not until something opens my eyes do I give it much thought. Thank you dear God for taking such care of Catherine.

Alice, what a lovely post. I had this happen with my 2 year old stepson 14 years ago (but we lived on much busier 55 mph road). We were terrified!

Then a couple of weeks ago, my DD (6) had her guardian angel working overtime. We have limited storage space, so store stuff on top of our freezer and fridge. She opened the fridge door and a crockpot had gotten jostled somehow and came tumbling down on her. The only way I can explain that that heavy crock and that metal container missed her was that her angel deflected them, else she would have been severely injured, if not killed. The crockpot now has a new home. God bless!

Oh, Alice, truly the status quo is something to be grateful for, and I've been grateful for those guardian angels so many times, too. Thanks for writing it out so beautifully.

Alice, I just discovered your blog and this post. I know too well the feelings you describe. My boys each have a Guardian Angel picture in their room, like the one you posted. We have had some narrow escapes too. But I like your idea of a prayer for each child. My older boy and I say the St.Michael prayer every day. I think I will teach the little one the Guardian Angel prayer. Thanks for your inspiring work.

Dear Alice,
What is that light behind little Maureen in the library? I am of the opinion that God allows our angels to be visible sometimes. Could it be? Or is that just a glare from a glass door (it looks like you could have taken her photo though glass).

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