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April 25, 2006


OOOHH! You are such an answered prayer, Alice! I was just deciding what special things we could do for Our Mother in May. I can't wait for your creative ideas!

Rebecca, this is so funny! I believe we were just simultaneously commenting on one another's blogs! : )

This is so exciting Alice! I can't wait to follow along with your crafts. :)

Looking forward to lots of great ideas, Alice---thanks for sharing!

All right, ma'am, your craft-challenged friend needs specifics. Itemized supply list, please? My girls have Michael's gift cards from Grandma burning holes in their pockets...maybe we can join you long distance in your Mary crafting!

Hey, remember way back when, when I was getting those monthly "Together Time" craft kits? That's totally what I need now--customized Alice liturgical craft kits! Now there's a cottage industry for you... (ba dum bum).

Thank you Rebecca, Dawn, Diane, and Lissa!

Lissa, I'll be posting lists with each individual craft, along with some suggestions for improvising supplies that might be unavailable in some areas (and hopefully saving money too!) Thanks so much for asking.

And, yes, I remember those kits well! That's when you taught me your awesome trick for simple stained glass!

I'm looking forward to the ideas, you are so full of great ones, Alice!

Now where do you keep all these beautiful craft supplies?

Ooooh, I can't wait to see this!

>Now where do you keep all these >beautiful craft supplies?

Two craft closets!

This is great!! WE will be in the midst of a move, will they be somewhat poratble??? Looking so forward to seeing everything! Happy St. Louis de Montfort!

This looks so lovely and inspiring! Could you pretty please post a list of the supplies? I am going to our out of town craft store this afternoon (we don't have a craft store in our town so to speak). Thank you so much for sharing your wonderful ideas!

Yes, Meredith, many will be portable, including a portable prayer corner craft! Today's bedside Marian Altar (to be posted) would not be difficult to tote either. Praying for you on your move!

Louise, I am so sorry I did not read this sooner, or I most certainly would have posted a list of supplies. I do not actually have a list written down, but I'll try to mention a few major items in my post tonight.

Thanks for all the great comments!

I went to Michael's and was able to find about half of what is pictured. Where did you go shopping? The church is beautiful but I didn't see any, same with the shelves.
Are those handkerchiefs we see in the basket?
Maybe I'll be able find what I am missing online.
Thanks again,

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