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April 02, 2006


Alice, you really amaze me. How do you come up with such creative and meaningful celebrations? This tea sounds so memorable. Thank you for the great ideas!

Rebecca, thank you so much! I am actually still in the middle of editing this! I am thrilled to have your encouraging comment already!

This is so beautiful, you have such a gift for the spiritual and lovely. I hope to replicate this along with the 1st part as well. Thanks so much for sharing your creativity and joy!

Awesome once again, Alice. I can't wait to try this one during Holy Week too.....

Alice, you really do think of everything. I'm speechless again. This is beautiful.

I don't have an email for you, but wanted to know if anything has happened with Lissa lately... she said you'd post something when the baby comes.
Chris Snyder

No baby yet, Chris! I promise to post immediately as soon as I get the word. When I spoke to Lissa this morning, she sounded great!

Hee hee, I'm right here reading this! Up waaaay too early Thursday morning, and NOT because I'm in labor, argh!

P.S. Alice--another amazing job on the Lenten tea. Make sure you permalink it in your sidebar!!

I really enjoyed reading this!

Thank you Meredith, Rebecca, Mary, Karen, Maria and Lissa.

Alice, today will mark the 4th time my family has enjoyed this "Lenten Tea" -- three times to commemorate Good Friday, and one time to celebrate the Triumph of the Cross. It's my children's favorite meal of the year -- can you beat that? :) Thank you so much for creating it. What a blessing!

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