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March 01, 2006


When I was younger -- the PL was a block from our house and one of our favorites "haunts". If there was more than one edition of a book on the shelf I always looked for the oldest with a certain smell -- the pages were soft as butter and I just knew it would be a good one! Then they started recovering these and I got EXPERT at finding the newly recovered, but still perfect smelling books. I can still see the Jane Eyre book I devoured more than once during my teen age angst years.....

My library doesn't have it but I found a copy at Amazon for $5 bucks. As I was fixing to place an order, I included it on your recommendation.

Glad to see I'm not the only one tempted to offer bribes to the librarians. ; )

Mary, my father was a great lover of old books, and we spent many hours scoping out used bookstores. I think his enthusiasm definitely rubbed off on me! Agnes always chooses the oldest copy of any book at the library--she just prefers to hold an old book in her hands.

Cay, thank you for the Amazon tip. I just ordered the Kate Greenaway book for $5. (Just think of the bribe money I'm saving!) Now I won't be sad to return it when we visit the library this afternoon.

>>(Just think of the bribe money I'm saving!) >>

LOL! Love your reasoning. : )

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