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March 07, 2006


I feel at times that I am constantly "on guard". Even places like McDonald's can be ruined now..since they have installed tv's that play movies all the time. One time we were there and they were playing a movie with animated skeletons. I just had to keep reminding the kids to Look out the window. I feel sometimes that it is overwhelming since I have MANY years to go with my motherly protection. Things are VERY different now than when I grew up. The only thing I was not allowed to watch was THe Three Stooges. Now my list as a parent is a mile long. Sometimes I wonder about the world. May God help us all.

Amen to Sharon's post, and Alice it's so true we really can't trust anyone elses ideas for our children to read without checking it out first. What a mature and observant reader your dd is to even point it out as well, bravo!

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