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March 21, 2006


GOOSE BUMPS!!!!!!! I can't believe you did this! Two nights ago, as I was lying in bed with Wonderboy, watching him fall asleep, I mentally wrote this exact same post!!!! "Years ago, Alice and I exchanged lists..." etc. Oh my gosh it's incredible how in synch we are sometimes.

P.S. the funny part is that when I was trying to remember what books I'd put on the list I gave you, I could not for the life of me recall whether The Rainbabies was one of your picks or one of mine. LOL.

How incredible! Sadly, I no longer have your list--it is probably in the email on my old computer and did not transfer with other documents. These lists must be five or six years old!

Thank you so much for sharing the list! I love it! Gives me another concrete example of how to make books alive for my boys and tailor it to their interests and our circumstances.

>Gives me another concrete example of >how to make books alive for my boys >and tailor it to their interests and our >circumstances.

Thanks, Genevieve--and when you do, please post your ideas at "4 Real"--I am very interested in boy books and activities right now.

Ah, a list after my own heart. : ) Love it!

Ooohh ... I want to live next door to both of you! :-)

Me too Karen, maybe we could have my dh (a builder) put together a 4real neighborhood!!! Alice, thanks for the great list and ideas, it's no wonder you and Lissa are so creative and have been such good friends for so long!!

Thank you all so much--and I would move into that neighborhood any time!!!

You 2 are ALWAYS welcome to visit us in Maine! We have a "real" motorboat and a camp at the lake!

Mary Beth

Mary Beth, that sounds phenomenal!

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