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March 22, 2006


Alice, what a wonderful idea! Your entire menu and corresponding scripture is so thought provoking! We are going to have to try this in our home...Thanks so much!

This is great! I just have to try this! Thanks again, Alice for your gift of inspiration!

Alice, this is so wonderful ... thank you for sharing this beautiful activity.

Alice -- this is a great idea -- I believe I'll surprise my kids during Holy Week with this one!

Can't wait to see the 2nd tea!

Blessings to you -- your children are so blessed to have such a mom!

This is so beautiful - wonderfully thought out and delicious sounding to boot. Would you adopt me? ;-)

Oh, Alice, you always amaze and delight! When your book on living the liturgical year comes out, I'll take 50 signed copies, please. :-)

I second the book idea, btw! What a rich resource that would be!

I third the book idea. I've been waiting forever. ; )

In the words of the Flying Tomato, This is so totally awesome. : )

The Lord has blessed us through you, Alice.

I had to tell you, I printed up your shopping list to go to the store today, but OF COURSE I forgot the list at home. When I got to the store I found I could remember every single thing on the list because of the wonderful way you tied it all in to the Easter story! Literature based learning sure does work!

You are all angels. Thank you SO much for these beautiful comments!!!

I remembered reading this from last year, Alice and am thrilled to find it in time for this year! Thank you for the beautiful Teas that you make so easy for families to implement in our homes.

I was just directed to your post from Catholic Cuisine and I am SO happy to find myself here on your blog! What a WONDERFUL way to bring these important holy week readings to life for the children! I can not wait to set a Holy Thursday and Good Friday Tea for my sons, I am so thankful that I stumbled onto your blog in time! Thank you!!

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