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February 27, 2006


And one that this mother won't forget either. Thank you, Alice, Agnes and Theresa.

Oh, to hear sacred Scripture read aloud by a child, with such grace, and for an audience...does anything make a mother's heart swell with joy more than this?

Perfection in clarity once again Alice! Thank you for sharing this, I know how proud you all must have been and what a great witness to your motherhood! God Bless you all!

The poise and grace exhibited by your lovely daughters is one of the main reasons I wanted to homeschool my children. You are raing some extraordinary women (that boy is pretty special too!) and I am proud of them as well.

My oldest dd reads at Mass at our home church. I feel your pride and admiration through this post. The lessons our children teach us in the most unsuspecting ways...

Well these comments are suitable for framing--thank you all so much!!! Mary Ellen, I think you've just made my whole year!

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