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January 24, 2006


Oh! I'm so glad to hear this! I bought several molds at Christmastime to use with beeswax and that was disastrous. This gives me hope!

These are so cool, I'm off to shop...Love the lily of the valley, it's my birthday month flower, May!

These are beautiful, what a great idea!

I love this! My kids love model magic but, to be honest, I hate that it dries because then you are left with these little things (for us mostly snowmen), which you have to own -- so I usually prefer reusable dough so that their creations are only temporary. These look like they will make great gifts though, possibly Christmas ornaments, etc. Thanks for the tip! BTW, What kind of paint did you use?

Many thanks, everyone!

"Six and the City," we used assorted acrylic paints (an inexpensive set from the craft store--please go to the photo accompanying the January 14th "Cottage Crafts" post to see the type I mean). You are right in thinking these would make great Christmas ornaments. We had a huge bin of neon Model Magic when we made our discovery, but I am looking forward to more elegant results with plain white. Very young children might have a hard time removing the Model Magic from the molds without tearing or stretching it. It helps to use more than you actually need and then trim off the excess afterward.

This lovely craft inspires me so much, Alice! I just received the House on the Hill catalog and am mesmerized by all the crafts and cookies to make. Thanks for the inspiration and a wonderful blog!!!

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