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January 28, 2006


Oh, Alice, we experience the same joy with our dear old friends, our favorites, who never grow old, dull or unwelcome.

Alice, your post rings so true, we love re-reading all our favorites many times over. I can't wait for Winter Holiday, right now we're right in the middle of Swallowdale, it's so good, but I'd love to jump ahead too!

The way the books are written, you could easily skip Peter Duck (a fantasy) for now and go directly to Winter Holiday while the weather is still right for it! Winter Holiday may be my favorite book in the series. The Picts and the Martyrs is great too--it's probably the funniest of the lot.

ALice, I'm so glad you mentioned this, it looks so good! I'm ordering it right NOW! Have a great day!

Oh, boy! More books to look for at the library. Thank you for writing about them; I don't know this series at all. Can't wait for the next trip to the library!

I feel the same way about books - that when I read them I'm revisiting old friends. I loved your list in your last paragraph (Matthew and Marilla Cuthbert, etc.). Thanks!

I searched your blog to find these details because my children are now at the age to appreciate S&A. I found the Gabriel Woolf website. If you don't know already, you may be amused to learn that you are credited thus:
"Those nice Americans who are driven to this website might like to know that I send a single title for $30 at present including shipping (practically at cost) as a return for a delightful web-review from a lady with seven children (I think I counted right) who thus sends so many others to enquire. Mind you, you have to be a Nice American. The crunch being converting your dollar checks (sic) into Sterling, the more titles you buy, the Nicer you will seem. But one title is alright."

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