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January 26, 2006


Oh how this goes to my heart! I remember when Jane was tiny and I used to say 'yes' to every request. Here's to filling this busy day with 'sure, let's do it now!' Thanks for the reminder.

Oh, Alice, I feel hungry, melancholy, grateful and full of longing all at the same time. Thanks for another beautiful reflection.

This very same thing happened to me last night. I paused for a second in the kitchen, looked around me and thought "How do I do it all?" Yet I shudder when people ask me that same question.

I "want" to do it all and enjoy it all. How do we? How do we "make the most of it while it is still hot?" Perhaps you can address that in another post. : ) While the tidbits are delicious, I often leave the table feeling like I haven't had dessert yet. I've eaten the stuff I had to but the books unread and the projects unfinished (like you mentioned in your entry) sit like the dessert we don't have time to enjoy.

You've offered another beautiful reflection! Thank you for sharing yoursself, your home, and your awesome talent with all of us.

What a smorgasbord you are offering to your family just bt being their mother, great post once again, just lovely!

I hope you know what a gift it is for your children to have a mom like you-- one who is so grateful for the blessings of this daily feast. I think this awareness and sensitivity is something many women never have until they are grandmothers. I also think there is great benefit in the reality that one cannot possibly "do it all". The children will be more resourceful, self-reliant, imaginative, and helpful to each other having been raised in the balance of nurturing and autonomy that you are providing for them. God Bless You! ~Ann

You are all much too kind, and I thank you from the bottom of my heart!

I just read this, via "Minnesota Mom"....she's right; this one will be hard to forget!

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