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April 07, 2017


Ah Alice, what a balm. Such wonderful memories and habits! Glorious. I homeschooled so similarly in those early years, a time my teens and I all remember with such love and fondness.

Thank you Alice! Truly!

This is so beautiful and makes me miss the lovely halcyon days of homeschooling a little one. I do believe homeschooling is as much a blessing for the mother as the students. Thank you for what you shared here.

Thank you for such a beautiful post! It resonates so much with my own vision for my young children, and I heartily agree that going outside is definitely also my failproof solution to feelings of crankiness (mine or the kids), burnout, etc! As a young mom, I would love to hear a little more about the nature journals. If I understand correctly, you used them for nature journals and for nearly all subjects and narrations? It seems like it would be wonderful to have one place to store all these, rather than many loose sheets of paper to collect. Where they the kind of notebooks where the pages are half blank and half lined? Thanks in advance for any advice and again for such a lovely and heartfelt post.

Wow beautiful

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