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January 21, 2017


I love this all so much!Your children must surely declare you the are the best mother ever!

You are beautiful, Sarah. Thank you so much.

Ah I love those sweet moments of serendipity! What a good mom you are. Love to you and family.

I just adore that suitcase...who's imagination could fail to be sparked with such a beautiful treasure?! Please tell Sarah that if her travels get her as far as Texas, I have four eager travelers here for her to pick up on her journey ;)

Thank you, Michele!

Stacie, that sounds like a dream come true--thank you!

You are so open-minded! I would never have considered buying an old suitcase with no purpose in mind -- I'm too practical! You, on the other hand, could see the use before you knew it!


I love that feeling, too--when you remember you have something tucked away that is going to be perfect for the kid in front of you now. I'm always like: "Oh wow, 2009 Lissa. You were really on the ball. Old, tired 2017 Lissa is forever grateful."

Oh, Alice, this is perfectly delightful in every way.

Delightful is a perfect word for your gift and your Rebecca!

I love that suitcase. It's beautiful and so absolutely perfect. It's such a delight too when you have the perfect thing at the perfect moment.

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